Sail Score

Sail Score is your solution for scoring regattas. Setup teams, enter sailors and the results of your regatta. Then share the generated results to anyone by e-mailing the report to them. We have provided a You Tube channel to help with some of the features of Sail Score, specifically when entering DNS, DSQ, etc.


  • Enter and store team and boat information (NEW: A previously entered team information can be imported into a new Regatta.)
  • Enter and store race results
  • Auto Adjust race results when a boat is disqualified or otherwise changed in rank. (Rankings are adjusted to maintain sequential order.)
  • Supports entering OCS, RAF, DNS, DNF, DSQ, BKD, RDG, BYE
  • Display and Email results (NEW: Results can be sent as a CSV attachment in addition to sending the results in the body of an email.)
  • Display and Email automatically generated rotation

Scoring for the following types of regattas:

  • Single Division
  • Two Division Rotational
  • Two Division Non Rotational
  • Multiple Fleets

Check out a You Tube channel: